Magic Potions: Crafting Magick Teas, Oils, Elixirs, and Brews

Magic potions are real, and they are easy to make. That ease comes with time and practice. True mages select herbs, crystals and artifacts combined with their own powers to create true potions. Yes, they are easy to make but you will find the process difficult to begin with. Your abilities will improve with experience.

Crafting Herbal Magic

The keys to successful herbal magic are to work with herbs as you would with friends, know the herbs special gifts and know your intent well enough to select the right herbs. The use of herbs is a foundational practice… Continue Reading…

How to Cleanse Crystals

I’d like to suggest a few ways on how to cleanse crystals. You should continue reading for more on why crystals need cleansed and when they need cleansing. Cleanse Crystals with Water Cleanse crystals in a running natural stream, or… Continue Reading…