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Zodiac Meanings: Cancer

We find the meaning of Cancer zodiac from the crab asterism and Moon as the ruling planet. Cancerians are emotional with a hard shell. No Cancer can be condensed to that. Besides, your entire identity is not just a Cancer sun-sign.

The Sun represents your ego. Your ego may express itself in a Cancerian way through the lens of your rising sign. In addition, Cancer Sun will be expressed based on the house placement.

Your Sun sign doesn’t represent everything about you. You exist as a cosmic signature of your whole natal chart. This includes your rising sign, Sun placement, and Moon placement. In addition, the house zodiac, the planet placements, and their interconnected relationship contribute to your whole identity.

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What does the Cancer zodiac sign mean?

People with a Cancer Sun may show a lot of emotion and sympathy toward the emotional experiences of others. But when hurt, the zodiac meaning of Cancer regresses into a hard shell protecting a soft interior. More importantly, this emotional impact requires self-awareness to keep balanced.

Another meaning of Cancer zodiac is emotional connection. However, the connection comes with strings attached. You care a great deal, but with the expectation of mutual exchange. Your sensitivity and caring can mutate into emotional dependency or manipulative bossiness. Then, you hold deep grudges when you don’t receive the same level of caring in return.

Their grudges and need for security manifest in their shell. Cancerian’s home is a place of security. A simple retreat to home quickly becomes social isolation. They are protecting their soft inner-self while not facing things head on.

Cancer’s have a sensitive awareness of the needs of others. They feel the nuances of life. When Cancer see’s those close to them hurting, their response is to dutifully nurture them. Even well intentioned, this may become overbearing. When Cancer zodiac meaning is in balance, it has the appearance of motherly nurturing. There is reciprocal emotion. Cancer’s need to see when the healing is done. Then, you must let go.

In the same way, the darker meaning Cancer zodiac includes brooding seclusion when harmed. They question love and trust and suspicion increases. Often Cancer’s give too much of themselves and expect too much in return.

Actually, the constant cycle of positive and negative disrupts the emotional balance Cancer’s need. Give others only what they need, not what you think they need. Then, find your satisfaction in giving what’s needed, expecting nothing in return.

Cancer Zodiac Associations

Planetary Ruler: Moon

Mode: Cardinal

Element: Water

Cancer Zodiac Color: Silver

Key Phrase: “I Feel”

House: Fourth House

Anatomy: Breasts & stomach

The Moons Influence on Meaning Cancer Zodiac

The Moon influences Cancer zodiac sign mean. The Moon rules Cancer. It is in Cancer that the Moon exerts its full power. The Cancer zodiac color is silver, which comes from the association.

We connect cancer to emotion. The Moon influences our emotions. Others may consider you moody. In reality, you’re expressing the emotional impression of the Moon cycles.

The Moon’s temper or mood changes depending on its phase of illumination and the zodiac it is in. The Moon travels through the zodiac in 27.25 days. The cycle from new Moon to new Moon is 29.5 days. This constant cycling has a profound influence on the Cancerian.

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Cancer Zodiac Meaning from Folklore and Facts.

Interestingly, Cancer zodiac meaning does not relate to the Greek story of its origin. In the Labors of Heracles, a crab bites Heracles on the toe or heel while he is fighting Hydra. The Goddess Juno (Hera in Roman myth) a foe of Heracles, places the crab among the zodiac. Such a minor character is the faintest zodiac constellation.

Chaldean and Platonist philosophers thought Cancer was a cosmic gate. Souls would descend from heaven through this gate, called the Gate of Men, to enter human bodies. This could relate to the strong motherly identity of what does the Cancer zodiac sign mean.

The Babylonians, around 4000 BCE associated the stars to a tortoise. Tortoise also live on land and water with a hard shell protecting its soft interior. Egyptians thought these stars looked like a scarab, an emblem of rebirth and immortality.

Berossos is a Babylonian who lived in the 3nd century BCE. He predicted the Earth would be submerged in water when all the known planets met in Cancer. This event happened on July 4, 710 CE and the Earth wasn’t submerged in water or an emotional torrent.

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