• Herbs

    Herbs (138)

    You'll find our cupboards are full of Witch Herbs. Each listing includes the magickal associations and metaphysical properties. Herbs aid you in spells and magick but also have their own healing magic. We don’t list the healing or medicinal properties of herbs. The FDA likes to shut down herb shops that do such things. If you have questions you can…
  • Pagan Altar Supplies

    Pagan Altar Supplies (33)

    The Pagan Altar Supplies cupboard holds the supplies you need for your wicca altar and pagan altar. Discover handmade altars, altar cloths, and altar tiles along with altar bells, altar bowls, feathers and more.
  • Aroma Lamps

    Aroma Lamps (8)

    Aroma lamps use a tealight candle to warm essential oils and blends, releasing their scents into the air for aromatic, therapeutic and ritual applications.
  • Books

    Books (86)

    Welcome to the book cupboards where you'll discover books on metaphysics, spirituality, paganism and the occult.
  • Candle Magic

    Candle Magic (83)

    Welcome to the candle magic cupboards. Here you'll find chime candles for your own spells and altars. You also have a selection of specific intent spell candles.
  • Crystals, Gems & Minerals

    Crystals, Gems & Minerals (75)

    Crystals, gems & minerals used in metaphysical healing and spiritual practices. Each listing includes the magickal associations and metaphysical properties.
  • Hydrosols - Artisan Batch

    Hydrosols - Artisan Batch (3)

    A Hydrosol is a distilled fragrance water.  We craft the hydrosol in-house using a specific formula of herbs and water so the hydrosol is a consistent concentration. The herbal Hydrosol has the same associations and magickal properties as the herb.
  • Incense

    Incense (62)

    The Incense cupboard holds the tools to create sacred space, cleanse space and as an offering. The burning of incense can be considered fumigation, saining, or smudging. Find powdered incense and charcoal burners.
  • Mortar and Pestles

    Mortar and Pestles (15)

    Welcome to the mortar & pestle cupboards. Use a mortar and pestle to grind herbs and resins for cooking, magic and healing. Grind herbs and resins to use as incense for your sacred space. Use them to break down flowers, leaves and roots to make medicinal infusions and decoctions. You may want to choose one for the kitchen and one…
  • Pagan Jewelry

    Pagan Jewelry (55)

    Welcome to the pagan jewelry cupboards. Here you will discover Pentagram Necklaces, Thor's Hammer Necklaces, and many other Pagan emblems.
  • Oils & Aromatherapy

    Oils & Aromatherapy (64)

    Essential oils and aromatherapy are important aids in the healing arts and magick. Listings include the magickal associations and metaphysical properties when possible.
  • Pendulum Crystals

    Pendulum Crystals (15)

    Welcome to the Pendulum Crystals cupboard. Pendulums are very flexible metaphysical tool. Their primary uses include divination, dowsing, and communication. How to choose Pendulum Crystals is up to you. You may want a specific crystal that has already spoken to you through other energy work. Likewise, choose a crystal based on its associations and properties. On the other hand, select…
  • Runes

    Runes (6)

    Runes are a Norse / Viking / Saxon form of divination.
  • Santeria & Yoruba

    Santeria & Yoruba (16)

    We have Santeria & Yoruba supplies to meet the spiritual needs of those incarcerated. Many chaplains asked us to carry these supplies so their residents could order.
  • Smoke Cleansing Supplies- Smudges

    Smoke Cleansing Supplies- Smudges (20)

    Welcome to the Smoke Cleansing Supplies or Smudges cupboard. Here you will find the supplies to cleans, banish, and protect your sacred and mundane space. By the way, we don't sell White Sage or Palo Santo, and encourage you to discover other cleansing herbs that are not stolen from indigenous peoples. We believe the over use of the word Smudge…
  • Handmade Cottage Crafts

    Handmade Cottage Crafts (24)

    Welcome to the Handmade Cottage Crafts cupboards. These items are handmade by us. We may make many, but they are all one of a kind. May our energies and skills enrich your magick practices.
  • Metaphysical Services

    Metaphysical Services (8)

    Rev. Dr. Lloyd offers the following metaphysical services: Astrology, Enneagram, and Holistic Life Coaching.