Mortar & Pestle's

Hermits’ Cupboard is where to buy your mortar & pestle. Use a mortar and pestle to grind herbs and resins for cooking, magic and healing. Craft your own spice mix for salad. Grind herbs and resins to use as incense for your sacred space. Use them to break down flowers, leaves and roots to make medicinal infusions and decoctions. You may want to choose one for the kitchen and one for your altar or sacred space.

Where to buy your mortar and pestle is important because you want a variety to choose from. Here you will find them crafted from soft woods, stone, olive wood, and ceramic. Choose a soft wood for decoration and to grind soft leaves and flowers. Stone and ceramic is durable enough to be used for roots and resins. Display olive wood for its natural beauty; its density will allow you to grind flowers, leaves, roots and soft resins.

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