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You’ll discover a variety pagan supplies online in our shop. Our cupboards are filled with herbs, essential oils, crystals, incense supplies and more. We’re friends on your healing and magickal journey. Please Contact us if you need assistance or have questions. Move to specific departments quickly using the menu or scroll to the bottom for a list of departments. 

Why Our Shop?

Customer Comments:
“Great pricing and super fast delivery!! Love the selection and the packaging is not only cute, but informative and compostable as well will be visiting again” –
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“I do highly recommend Hermits Cupboard they are always a delight to work with. Packaging can be returned back to the earth, fast shipping and carefully packaged. Not to mention they notice when you return. Thank you so much Lloyd and Joe”– Customer Facebook Recommendation 

“I thank you again so much for your time and information and not making me feel like a dumbie for asking!!!” – Customer e-mail reply

Favorite Pagan Supplies Online

You’re not like everyone else. You are unique. Even in uniqueness our friends have chose these items the most. 

We don’t say much but when we do it’s from the heart. We hope you find some new information and truths. Each spiritual and healing journey is unique. No one has all the answers but a little help here and there is what helps us grow.

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