Essential Oils

Welcome to the cupboard where you’ll find natural essential oils. Oils are the essence or “soul” of plants that aid in healing and magick. In alchemy the volatile oils, or virtue of the plant, represent sulfur and the element fire. Basic Earth Essentials oils are 100% pure. They are organic but the company is small so the cost of organic certification would prevent them from having a competitive price.

Natural essential oils have a variety of uses and applications. First, being 100% pure, you will want to dilute them with a carrier oil. Use them by themselves or blend them together. Look for your intent in the metaphysical associations and properties then create your own blend. You can craft your own aroma for therapeutic use or magical focus. Mix your oils then create a aromatic sacred space by releasing plants spirit with an aroma lamp. Consider anoint ceremonial or spell candles with oils to increase their power. Finally, add a few drops to bath water for healing and relaxation. We do not advocate internal use of essential oils without the supervision of a trained medical professional.

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