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We Serve our Guests by
—Inspiring you to heal and maintain your spirit, mind, and body using metaphysical tools

—Helping you in a manner that inspires feeling included, valued, encouraged, and illuminated

—Sharing our knowledge with you in a down-to-earth, magical, and creative way.

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At the edge of the Forest

At a loss, not knowing where to turn for help, you recall the village myth of a recluse wise couple who lived at the edge of town near the woods. The tall tales of their healing abilities and wisdom was dismissed by many. Stories of their skill with herbs, star-reading, crystals and magick. Warlocks who understood and do not judge because they had traveled the road ahead many years before. You think perhaps your help and answers can be found within the Hermits’ Cupboard.

We're not about "Stuff"

We supply metaphysical tools for the pagan (non-monotheistic) community. We don’t think spirituality is about what “stuff” you have. That’s why we focus on herbs, candles, crystals, incense, oils and divination.

What's Important to us?

Hermits’ Cupboard is a husband and husband team. As a gay homosexual owned business, we support and advocate for inclusivity and diversity. There is no place here for racists, homophobes, white supremacist, blood or genetic superiority or the dominance of any belief system over another.

Yeah, that’s not the introduction you get at most spiritual stores, is it? Let’s be honest, life isn’t all happy thoughts, rainbows and unicorn farts. There’s a lot of turmoil in the world. Finding your balance is getting more and more difficult. We understand and are here to help.

Especially, we accept with open hearts and spirit those pagans and their families who are impacted by US mass incarceration, be that in a county, state or federal institutions. We disagree with the christian-like judgmentalism of some pagan groups (like ADF) who consider anyone who has been incarcerated as “on lifetime probation”.

People make mistakes, serve their time, and deserve the opportunity for social restoration. It’s wrong for spiritual leaders to put anyone under “lifetime probation”. If incarceration has affected you, know that we love you and there is a community that accepts you.

We’re here for all paths. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in or practice; Eastern, Celtic, Roman, Greek, First Peoples / Native, African, Hermetic, Kabbala, Wicca, Druid, Northern Tradition, Teutonic, Taoist, Hindu, Buddhist, Pantheist, Animist, Polytheist, Mystic, Eclectic or whatever, we are here to help you on your journey. These are all just labels. You are more than a label; you’re a unique individual with unique spiritual needs and we respect your individuality.

There is no shame in saying “I don’t know”. No one can know it all. If we don’t know, we do the best we can to find the answers using our knowledge, resources, and intuition.

This is not a place for dogma. In the occult, spirituality and metaphysics, sometimes there is no absolute right answer or the right way. There may be multiple ways, some better than others. You learn the best way for yourself through experience and perspective.

We thank you for choosing Hermits’ Cupboard.

About Rev. Dr. Lloyd- Warlock, Astrologer, Herbalist

About Rev LloydRev. Dr. Lloyd is an ordained minister with a Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Counseling and a Batchelor of Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. He is a skilled journeyman herbalist training under the late Rev. Paul Beyerl’s Hermits’ Grove Master Herbalist program. Lloyd began tropical astrology studies with Rev. Paul, then continued independent studies in sidereal astrology.

He practices a combination of Druidry, Witchcraft, and Ceremonial Magic inspired by Celtic mythology and folklore. In addition, Dr. Lloyd is a non-clergy member of The Rowan Tree Church

Dr. Lloyd’s personal ministry is to help pagans impacted by incarceration and social marginalization. Having survived incarceration and being a person forced to register; he has experienced the social stigma and toxic shaming these labels can cause. You can experience healing and freedom by rediscovering your essential goodness. Dr. Lloyd, using astrology, the enneagram, shadow work, and other metaphysical tools, can support you on your journey of self-discovery and personal freedom. 

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