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We are established to help our guests in healing and maintaining the mind, body and spirit with herbs, metaphysical and spiritual tools and services.

About Us

Hermits’ Cupboard began in January 2019 selling crochet items at a local shop. In March 2019 we established Hermits’ Cupboard, Ltd. Our website started as a simple blog in July 2019. By November 2019 we consolidated our products, changed the web site to a shop and were selling our products on-line.

Hermits’ Cupboard is a husband and husband team. Rev. Lloyd has practiced a solitary Druid-Craft Celtic path since 2009 and started working with herbs medicinally in 2016. He has a Bachelor’s of Metaphysical Sciences, Masters of Divinity, ministerial ordination from Wisdom of the Heart Church and is a journeyman herbalist studying under Master Herbalist Rev. Paul Beyerl.  His educational goal is to earn a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching. Joe has been on a Celtic path since 2014. He works with and studies crystals and gems. He helps in operations, especially shipping.

Beyond Hermits’ Cupboard, Rev. Lloyd wants to use his skills to help pagans who have been previously incarcerated transition back into life outside the fence. As a restored citizen, he knows first hand how difficult it is to find community with labels.  With that in mind, we accept with open hearts and spirit those pagans who may have at some time been incarcerated, be that in a county, state or federal institutions. We understand (and this is harsh and we’ll get kick back but it is true) the christian-like judgmentalism of some pagan groups. Know that you are loved and there is a community that accepts you.

It doesn’t matter what path you may take or are already on, if you are interested in or practice; Eastern, Celtic, Roman, Greek, First Peoples / Native, African, Hermetic, Kabbala, Wicca, Druid, Northern Tradition, Teutonic, Taoist, Hindu, Buddhist, Pantheist, Animist, Polytheist, Mystic, Eclectic or whatever, we are here to help you on your journey. These are all just labels. You are not a label, you’re a unique individual and we respect you as such. 

We do not purport to know it all, no one can. We believe there is no shame in saying “I don’t know”. If we don’t know, we do the best we can to find the answers using our knowledge, resources and intuition. We also believe than when it comes to the occult, spirituality and metaphysics that there are times when there is no absolute right answer or right way.

We hope you enjoy our shop and thank you for choosing Hermits’ Cupboard.

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