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Elder Futhark Norse Runes Meaning

It takes more than memorization to understand the Elder Futhark Norse runes meanings. You must study the spiritual and cultural concepts behind each rune. Only then will you be one with the Norse Rune alphabet and one with the Germanic cosmology.

The runes emerged from the nine worlds. They brought with them the secrets of each one. Odin did not simply grasp the runes, he became one with them. When you develop an intimate understanding of their mythology and folklore, the runes reveal their true hidden meanings.

It is inadequate to just study the meanings of the runes. Odin and the runes became one as he grasped them. His very being was imprinted with the magic. You have to symbolically let go of your concept of self. Then, like Odin, you can receive the rune knowledge. That is when rune meanings burst forth in life.

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What are the Origins of the Norse Rune Alphabet?

Runes are a set of symbols used by the early Germanic and Nordic people. Historians speculate that the rune symbols originated sometime around 300-200 BCE. Anthropologist agree that the line combinations of each rune were originally an ideogram or sigil. Originally, they were not an alphabet.

This is like comparing runes to modern street signs. An image of a car with two vertical squiggly lines means “Slippery When Wet.” Similarly, Norse runes meanings were represented in the shapes of the rune symbols.

How did the Norse rune alphabet come to be the Elder Futhark? The Germanic population was not secluded. They engaged in open trade with Eastern and Mediterranean cultures. Along with products, information and cultural exposure were exchanged. This included language and forms of writing.

We think the Etruscan or Latin alphabet has influenced the tribes. This possibly inspired tribal leaders to associate their phonetic dialect with the existing rune symbols. As a result, the Germanic tribes of the Ostrogoths, Marcomanni, and Raetia used runes to convey phonetic language.

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Elder Futhark Runes, Anglo-Saxon Runes and Younger Futhark Runes

As a symbolic way of communicating, there was never a single universal rune codex. When the runes began to be used as a phonetic Norse rune alphabet, each regional tribe adapted or developed runes to their own dialect.

We accept the Elder Futhark sequence as the “original” runes. They preserved this rune order on the Gotland Kylver Stone and two others from the sixth century. There are two Elder Futhark variants. They are the Swedish-Norwegian and Danish-Scandinavian runes.

The Anglo-Saxon Futhor runes, named after the first five characters, are the following iteration. This rune set has 33 runes and incorporates the dialect’s phonetic diphthongs. There are three different Anglo-Saxon runes. Ruthwell, Vienna, and Thames are those.

Last are the runes used by the Scandinavian Vikings. These are the Younger Futhark (Futhork) which only contain 16 rune characters.

Which of the six known sets of runes is the most correct? They’re all correct.

The Norse Runes meaning

I’ve emphasized the Norse runes meanings are more than memorizing definitions. Now, you will see what I mean. As you read these Elder Futhark meanings, you may ask yourself if you’re missing something. It may seem like a list of unrelated words.

That’s because you are missing the spiritual significance of these meanings. That level of understanding is WELL BEYOND anything you will find on the web. It’s going to take books and time for you to absorb their meaning.

Freya’s Aet Runes Meaning

Elder Futhark Fehu Fehu- livestock, money

norse runes meaning Uruz Uruz- aurochs (wild ox), primal fertilizing essence

norse rune alphabet ThurisazThurisaz- Thor, thorn, the good strong giant

rune alphabet Ansuz Ansuz- ancestral God, mouth, Odin

norse rune RaidhoRaidho- journey, wagon, riding

norse runes Kenaz Kenaz- torch

rune Gebo Gebo- gift, sacrifice, hospitality

rune Wunjo Wunjo- joy, delight

Hagail’s Aet Meanings

Elder Futhark Hagalaz Hagalaz- hail, ice seed (egg)

norse runes meaning Naudhiz Naudhiz- need, fatal compulsion

norse rune alphabet Isa Isa- ice

rune alphabet Jera Jera- good year, harvest

norse rune Eihwaz Eihwaz- Yew tree

norse runes Perthro Perthro- lot cup, dice cup

rune Elhaz Elhaz- elk, protection

rune Sowilo Sowilo- Sun


Meanings Tyr’s Aet Norse Runes
Tiwaz- the god Tyr

norse runes meaning Berkano Berkano- Birch tree goddess

norse rune alphabet Ehwaz Ehwaz- two horses

rune alphabet Mannaz Mannaz- man, human

norse rune Laguz Laguz- body of water, lake

norse runes Ingwaz Ingwaz- the god Ing

rune Dagaz Dagaz- day

rune Othala Othala- ancestral property

Understanding Norse Rune Meaning

As you can see, the rune meanings are more than memorizing the Norse rune alphabet or a set of words. We have to ask, what is the meaning behind these meanings? What is the significance of an ox, ice seeds, or two horses? What are these Germanic “street signs” saying?

The Elder Futhark runes are one with the Germanic cosmology. They burst forth from the 9 worlds of Yggdrasil. From the nothing, which is something, that created everything, all of that secret knowledge is within the runes! Building a relationship with the mythology and folklore unlocks those hidden secrets.

You must develop an empathy of the cultural and spiritual concepts. Allow the cosmology and mythology to penetrate you. That is when the runes come to life. Like Odin’s shamanic like initiation, you have to loose your self to gain this knowledge that is so much bigger than just you.

There are many meanings to the runes. I am presenting basic meanings from one perspective. You must research and study the runes for yourself. Only then will you discover their deeper meaning and context.

What are Mystical Uses for Runes?

We employ runes as a method of divination. They assist you in seeing potential hidden issues in a situation. Additionally, they can reveal future possibilities and provide solutions.

You can create spells for defense, strength, and healing by combining runes in a sequence or sigil. Rune scripts can originate from books or fashioned by you as you get to know the runes better.

We can carve runes onto staves, totems, or stones to create a ward. On doors, doorposts, headers, and the areas around windows, you can etch, scribe, or paint runes.

You can use runes in meditation by sitting with the rune in your hands and connecting with Yggdrasil. This enables you to travel through the worlds to discover the deeper meaning of the rune. Mediate by repeating the name of the rune over and over, using it as a mantra. Include positioning your hands or body in the shape of the rune like a Mundra or meditation pose.

Aren’t the Runes Racists?

Runes are not racists. Their meanings are not racists. The Germanic and Nordic peoples were not racists. The Vikings were not racists. They did not view themselves as a superior race. Nothing is innately racist. Babies are not racists; I taught them to be racists.

In the early 20th century, a fascism polluted the Germanic history. This group raped the Germanic history of its vibrant cultural and genetic diversity. It is a punch in the spiritual gut for the runes and Germanic folklore to have been appropriated by white supremest racist homophobes.

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Where are you going to start your journey to understand the rune alphabet meanings? Which runes will choose you? How much time will you spend reading and comprehending the mythology? Are you really ready for a lifetime journey?

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