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Rune Magic

Rune magic takes many forms. It is possible to connect with the power of the rune through meditation. Healing runes and protection runes typically take the form of a talisman. You can use runes alone or bind runes together for specific intent. When using runes for healing, consider not just physical healing, but spiritual and mental healing as well.

Indeed, the only limit to magic with runes is a lack of creativity. Don’t copy others, instead of searching for and using other people’s runes, manifest your own magic based on your relationship with the runes. What’s holding you back from personalizing your magic?

This article doesn’t provide quick and easy shortcuts. You’re not ready for magic with runes if you have not built a relationship with the runes and discovered their meaning for yourself. If you’re just starting, we have books and articles that can help with your rune studies.

I’m writing this for individuals who are building their relationship with runes. You may have a few books, but looking for other perspectives. As such, I presume you have:
1) An established method for opening and closing sacred space or time.
2) Knowledge of the rune meanings.

When I present is contexts for using runes in magic. The aim is to help jumpstart your creativity. Much of this is based on my experience working with the Celtic magic alphabet called Ogham.

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Rune Meditation Magic

Meditating can help you connect to a rune meaning or its energies. It’s a great way to build your relations with runes. Likewise, you can use meditation to draw the power of the rune into yourself. Basically, through meditation, you can connect directly to the source of a rune’s magical power.

Step One, pick the rune you want to meditate on. After opening the sacred space, draw the rune on an index card or piece of paper. If you have a rune set, select the rune you are working with. Focus on or hold the rune.

Step Two, use focused thought to connect to the rune. Here are some questions to use. What is its form communicating about its origin and meaning? Can you see the meaning shaped by the lines? Which world is this rune from? How does that change or clarify its meaning? How does power flow through the rune? Is it coming in? Flowing out? In what directions?

Step three, say the rune’s name slowly out-loud. What does the sound feel like? What part of the body does the sound resonate? Is the power of the sound heavy, light, or maybe playful? What images come to your mind?

Step four, form your body into the shape of the rune. Can you form your hands into the shape of the rune? How does that change your feeling? Is the power moving through your body? How is moving? Does becoming the rune change its meaning or force? Can you feel its secrets?

Close the sacred space in your own way when you are done. Actually, after a meditation, write your feelings or what you saw or heard. These messages are unique gifts to you from the runes.

You can use the meditation forms to draw in the rune’s power to use in magical healing runes and ritual. For example, in healing, use the rune sounds to focus or move energies to the place of healing.

What ways can you use meditation rune magic to deepen your spiritual practice? Can you see yourself using the meditation with runes for healing?

What are Rune Talismans?

A talisman is something you create and give magic power to. You can make them of any material, including wood, metal, ceramic, bone, clay, or acrylic. (Please honor the spirit of anything you use.) The two most common talismans are protection runes and healing runes.

Protection Runes
British Museum Runic Silver Animal Head

You, as the vitki or magician, chose the runes to use based on your connection to the runes. Before using multiple runes, try using one rune at a time. This lets you to see that rune in all its authority.

I’ll provide examples, but these are not “grandma’s recipe”. A Betty Crocker Cookbook of Rune Magic doesn’t exist. Trust your own awareness and creativity to achieve the right results for yourself.

Magic is not mechanical, meaning it’s not easily reproduced. Two magicians can use the same runes and achieve different outcomes.

What are Bind Runes?

When you use more than one rune, it is called a bind rune. The runes are bound for a single purpose. You are adding their magical power together to cause a greater effect.

Don’t discount using a single rune, though. A single rune is as powerful. Think of it this way:

A single rune- A single search lightSingle bind rune metaphor

A bind rune- A row or cluster of search lightsBind rune metaphor

Arrangements for Bind Runes

You inscribe runes from left to right as if you were writing.

Rune magic Courage protection Stacked bind rune Stacked

We create stacked runes by connecting rune forms over one another. The structure becomes more important than form. The sigil may be created in order of the rune’s importance. Increasing magic can be done from the top down. Otherwise, bottom up for banishing magick.

Odin bind rune staveStaved

Staved bind runes are linear but along a shared vertical axis. This method is excellent when you have a tall narrow structure, like door or window frames and warding posts.



radial bind runes healing runes Radial

You write radial bind runes off arms originating from a fixed point. Radial runes do not require equal numbers of spokes. They can be one rune repeated multiple times or a series of runes bound all at the center.

Specific Protection Runes for Magic

Runes and bind runes are most commonly used for protection. This also includes protection of a person, place or an object.

We wear an individual protection rune talisman like a charm or amulet. You can draw the sigil on the body then let it wear off over time. The talisman can be a permanent tattoo as well.

We inscribe a bind rune for protecting an object on the item. This may be a ritual tool like an awl, or wand. You could make a sticker to place on a car or motorcycle for protection.

We can make protection runes into a wall ornament to be hung inside or outside. Runes can be etched or carved into posts around a yard to create a rune magic warding.

Here are likely basic runes for protection:

norse rune alphabet ThurisazThurisaz- Thor, thorn, the good powerful giant

runes for protection AnsuzAnsuz- ancestral God, mouth, Odin

Protection runes ElhazElhaz- elk, protection

Specific Runes for Healing

– This does not replace medical help.

We can make healing runes into a talisman. Then, place it on or bind it to the body. Of course, on the area requiring healing. You can write them on a cast or a bandage. Staved runes would work well on a splint or metal brace.

Different healings require different runes. We could use Kenaz for spiritual heat, while we could use Isa when we need coolness.
The process involved when healing with rune magic is drawing in the energies of the runes to manifest in healing. Some beginners may think it’s the runes that are doing the work. Instead, it is the combination of the vitki, runes, powers of the 9 worlds and the life of the ill person.

Against all odds, fate will prevail. If it is time for healing, it will happen. Otherwise, it may take a long time. It is not up to you but the combinations of all powers and runes for healing to manifest.

Here are possible runes for healing:

runes for healing Hagalaz Hagalaz- hail, ice seed (egg)

healing runes Eihwaz Eihwaz- Yew tree

runes for healing LaguzLaguz- body of water, lake


Meditation and talismans are two of many forms rune magic. Divination and stadhagaldr or rune posture are two more forms of rune magic. You can use single runes or bind runes for any of these. In addition, you can add colors, astrological glyphs and runic numerology.

You are not limited to protection runes and healing runes. What about runes for healing specific ailments of the soul, mind and body? What would love, prosperity, or banishing runes look like? What about magic to connect to the 9 worlds? What other intent could you use runes for?

Indeed, the only limit to magic with runes is a lack of creativity. Be bold, be creative. Craft your own magick!

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