Triple Goddess Board


Handmade poplar & pyrography
Uses: Altar Tile, Magick, Pendulum Divination

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Your board is made of solid wood, not plywood like mass produced boards and pyrographed by hand, not a laser.  Each board is cut and formed by hand (ehem, with the assistance of power tools.)  The board is sealed with boiled linseed oil, a natural wood preserver, and not petroleum based sealers that suffocate the wood.  Each board is one of a kind, no two boards of the same design and wood are alike.

Magick: Place herbs, crystals or other objects on the three phases representing intent in growth, attainment, and release of Magickal works.  Place an item representing yourself on the pentacle to align with Goddess energies.

Divination: Hold pendulum centered in pentacle.  Ask the pendulum to show you its yes, no and maybe. Once responses are established proceed with divination.

Poplar associations: Feminine, Water, Saturn

Poplar properties: Astral travel/Flying, Death, Liminal Space, Money, Otherworld

Poplar aids in ancestral or otherworld contact; it is a common Celtic reference in death.  Poplar will aid you with letting go of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors you need to die to, to be rebirthed, and cross over to a new season of life.

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Weight12 oz
Dimensions7.25 × 7.25 × 0.75 in


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