Infinite Hexagram Crystal Grid


Handmade pyrography on Aspen

Uses: Meditation, Crystal Grid

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Your Infinite Hexagram Crystal Grid is made of solid wood, not plywood like mass produced boards and pyrographed by hand, not a laser. Each board is cut and formed by hand (ehem, with the assistance of power tools.) The board is sealed with boiled linseed oil, a natural wood preserver, and not petroleum based sealers that suffocate the wood. Each board is one of a kind, no two boards of the same design and wood are alike. Don’t forget your crystals.

Grid: Each hexagram is three times the size of the last creating a threefold pattern opening out. Used to bring about orderly change, i.e. “As within so without.”  Place associated crystals on junction points and keystone at the center.

Requires 20 crystals.  One for keystone. 6 sets of 3 or 3 sets of 6 or a combination of sets of 3 and 6.

The Infinite Hexagram Crystal Grid is made with Aspen wood.

Aspen associations: Masculine – Air – Mercury

Aspen properties: Anti-theft, Courage, Determination, Guidance, Protection, Rebirth, Spiritual Strength

The sound of the shaking Aspen leaves is believed to be messages from the spirit realm. Aspen offers endurance and courage to overcome adversity. Use this to shore up your spiritual strength. Experience the constant cycle of growth and spiritual rebirth.

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