5 Elements Grid / Tile


Handmade pyrography on Aspen.

Uses: Meditation, Crystal Grid, Pendulum Divination

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Your Five Elements Crystal Grid / Tile is made of solid wood, not plywood like mass produced boards and pyrographed by hand, not a laser.  Each board is cut and formed by hand (ehem, with the assistance of power tools.)  The board is sealed with coconut oil, a natural wood preserver, and not petroleum based sealers that suffocate the wood.  Each board is one of a kind, no two boards of the same design and wood are alike. Don’t forget your crystals.

Grid:  The five circles represent earth at the top, air to the right, fire at the bottom, water to the left and spirit in the center.  Notice how the circles overlap, interact and touch.  Often, energies of the elements are viewed and standing alone, when really they all work together for balance.  Visualize and feel this balance as you place a crystal associated with each element in their corresponding locations.  Add more crystals or less depending on if you feel you need more of or less than a specific element.  See the energies surrounding you, coming together between the solar plexus and heart, descending to ground you, ascending to connect to the universal consciousness.

Requires 5 to 15 crystals.

Divination: Hold pendulum centered in pentacle.  Ask the pendulum to show you its yes, no and maybe. Once responses are established proceed with divination.

Aspen associations: Masculine – Air – Mercury

Aspen properties: Anti-theft, Courage, Determination, Guidance, Protection, Rebirth, Spiritual Strength

Aspen offers endurance and courage to overcome adversity. Use this to shore up your spiritual strength. Experience the constant cycle of growth and spiritual rebirth.


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