Luna Powdered Incense


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Burn your Luna powdered incense on a charcoal; allow the aroma and smoke surround you as you work moon magick or connect with the/a Moon Goddess.  Anoint a white candle with Jasmine oil and then roll the candle in the herb mix to create a candle for your drawing down the moon ritual or moon meditation.  Crafted with Moon herbs on a Moon day at a Moon hour.  Charge it under the moon of your choice and place the herbs in a sachet, carry it with you to remind you of the Goddess within.  This is intentionally a neutral mix that may be used for magick; you must provide the intent.


Luna Powdered Incense is designed to be used with charcoal incense burners. First, light the charcoal, allow it to warm completely. Next, sprinkle a small amount of the powder on the charcoal. Start with small amounts. Too much and the charcoal my become smothered and extinguished. Then using your hand, feather or natural breeze spread the rising smoke about. Later add powder if more permeation is needed.

Create sacred space, cleans a space, or set intent with powdered incense. This process is called fumigation, saining or smudging. To do this, work with as much powdered incense as necessary until you see the smoke resting or moving about in the room. For best results, use your hand, large feather, or hand held fan to waft the smoke about the space. You may use paper or fabric fan CAUTION- do not get it too close to the charcoal as it could catch on fire.

Packaged in our 100% compostable packaging. Read more about our herb packaging.

Medical Disclaimer
**Herbs should not be ingested, applied or inhaled by: those who are pregnant or attempting to
become pregnant; individuals who are breast feeding; or those age 17 or younger.
** Use at your own risk.
** Metaphysical properties and/or outcomes are not guaranteed.


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