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    Read The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel by Evelyn Eaton back cover and table of contents. Then, if it resonates with you, add it to your cart and buy it today for your personal library. We are providing the content as an educational aid to your virtual shopping experience. Quest Books copyrighted text.

    Back Cover:

    The more we meditate on the Medicine Wheel and on the Cosmic Wheel above, relating these to the circles, the spheres, and mandalas of other traditions, the deeper our realization grows of the oneness of the many paths leading to center.

    Although Evelyn Eaton walked principally the Native Indian path, The book reflects the author’s belief in the strength and beauty of all religious traditions. Her personal account of triumph over cancer through American Indian healing rituals is a story of tenderness, power, and and extraordinary capacities. The Shamanic ceremony of the Medicine Wheel channels the splendor of our inner spiritual light, teaching humans to become bridges of glory to all living beings.

    The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel by Evelyn Eaton table of contents:

    Part One- Preamble
    Part Two- Preliminaries
    Part Three- Tests
    Part Four
    End Notes

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