Dreaming the Council Ways: True Native Teachings from the Red Lodge by Ohky Simine Forest



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    Council Way Back Cover:

    In Dreaming the Council Ways, Ohky Simine Forest integrates diverse matriarchal native teachings- from Mohawk, Iroquois, and other Canadian Indian traditions, as well as Mongolian and Maya shamanic ways- to create a modern, healing synthesis of the spiritual practices common to these disparate cultures. She invites us all to grasp the true universality of these symbols and traditions and to explore anew the ancient knowledge.

    With profound insight and clarity, Ohky helps us rediscover the soil of the sacred Earth, where all races can live together, and emerge with a way of life that respects the planet. She leads us on an inner journey into the Red Lodge, which has been long-misunderstood by the Western world. She initiates us into the Underworld of power animal teachings, dreaming practices, native healing ways, and the shaman’s tree of life, so we can learn the difference between real shamanism and the practices so often taught today. She explains the matriarchal path, and speaks of men and women coming together again, to live in harmony as they did in the past, with respect and care for each other. Dreaming the Council Ways is a deep call to hear the Earth awakening in each of us, as foretold by ancient prophecies. These prophecies, some exposed here for the first time, speak of the Medicine Wheel Way as an important, alternative way to recreate our world and to learn respect for the Great Earth.

    With more than fifteen years’ experience as an initiate in various shamanic practices, Ohky offers this manifestation of the ancient Council ways as a self-governing life path leading toward understanding and collective healing. Dreaming the Council Ways is a warm invitation for us to restore our soul and spirit so we can learn how to live and dream together as a family of humans.

    Dreaming the Council Ways by Ohky Simine Forest table of contents:


    PART ONE: The Sacred Quest of the True Humans
    Power: The Red Lodge, Beyond Veils
    The Language of Spirit
    The Red Hand
    Will: The Spirit Animal Behind the Soul
    The Presence of the Power Animal
    Fake Shamanism or Sacred Initiations?
    The Appearance of the Animal Guide
    Intuition: Emergence into the Cave of Dreams
    The Integrity of the Dream Body
    The Reminiscence of the Dream Body
    The Path of Lucid Dreaming
    The Smoking Obsidian Mirror
    Life: The Shaman Beneath the Cosmic Tree
    The Navel of the World
    The Shamans Zenith
    The gift of the Great Powers
    Wisdom: Metamorphosis through Native Healing Ways
    Winds of the Underworlds
    The Loss of Soul
    The Ill Power of Envy
    Silence: Resurgence into the Regions of Mystery
    Xibalba, the Place of Awe
    The Great Night Jaguar
    Earth Burial Ceremony
    Imagination: Journey into the Maze of Spirit
    Manifestations of the Spirit
    A Warrior’s Solitude

    Part TWO: The Great Vision of the True Humans
    Unity: Connecting the Worlds Medicine Wheels
    The Circles of the Earth
    The Doors of Solstices and Equinoxes
    Resonating Crystal Wheels
    Consciousness: Echoes of the Maya Cosmos
    The Heart of the Heavens
    The Great Cosmic Cord
    The Vision Rattlesnake
    The Spiral Wheel of Time
    Discernment: Convergence of Great Cycles
    The Fifth Sun
    The Return of Kukulcan
    The Restitution of the Era of Women
    The Mongol Revelation
    The Great Medicine Field of the Pleiades
    Return of the Iroquois Confederacy
    Trust: Celebrating Men’s and Women’s Twinness
    The Cosmic Foundation Circles
    Ixchel- Moon Goddess & Ahkin- Sun God
    The Twins of Consciousness
    Order: Manifesting the Ancient Council Ways
    The Central Fire of the People
    The Crow Lodge
    The Council of Origins
    Totality: The Renaissance of the True Humans
    A Major Call to Life
    Unburying the Red Spirit


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