Spirit Clans: Native Wisdom for Personal Power and Guidance by David Carson



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    Read the Spirit Clans by David Carson back cover and table of contents. Then, if it resonates with you, add it to your cart and buy it today for your personal library. We are providing the content as an educational aid to your virtual shopping experience. Hampton Roads Publishing Company copyrighted text.

    Spirit Clans Back Cover:

    Rediscover your sacred birthright as the path to a good, meaningful, and transcendent life

    Native American traditions have for thousands of years taught that we all carry within us an ancient blessing, a spiritual clan that connects us to the earth in a profound and abiding way. This spirit clan may be aligned with a particular animal, a plant, a stone, or some special object that has taken on spiritual power.

    In this book, you will learn how to discover your own spirit clan by interpreting your dreams and visions as a guide and by contemplating the stories, traditions, and descriptions of your particular spirit clan. In-depth descriptions of the physical, psychological, and sacred aspects of spirit clans- 75 in all- and their modern-day manifestations lift these ancient teachings off the page and bring them to life.

    Your spirit clan can be a reservoir of powerful energy. It will help carry you through troubled times and protect you from danger. The wisdom of these teachings offers a way to true peace and prosperity and means for living a life in harmony with all things.

    Spirit Clans by David Carson table of contents:

    Turtle Island
    The Coming of the Spirit Clans
    What is a spirit Clan?
    The Path of the Shaman
    Altered States
    Past Life Regression
    Training with a shaman
    The Spirit Clans Revealed
    (75 clans including animal, plant, fish, insect, Sun and Moon.)
    The Spirit of the Time Carrier
    The journey of your Original Spirit Clan
    Of Time and Time Travel

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