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This tea ball is the perfect size for a giant’s cup, or a soothing herb infused bath for standard person.  The 3.75″ x 4″ mesh ball holds over a cup herbs.  Enjoy your herb infused bath without the herbs floating around, clogging drains or sticking to you when you egress.  Twist open the bath tea ball, place your herbs inside, then secure the two sides.  A chain and hook allow you to attach the ball to the faucet letting the water rush over the herbs.  Set the bath tea ball in the water after running your bath to allow the herbs to infuse the water even more.

We do not suggest using your ball for salt as salt, water and metal do not have the best alchemy relationship.  That is, unless you want a, shall we say, patina (aka rust).

What do you do with the used herb material?  We suggest returning it to where it came from.  Put it in your compost pile or simply sling it into the yard.  Don’t have a yard?  Place the spent herb into a container and take it with you on your next walk in the woods and return it to the Earth there.

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