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Conscientious Herbs For Witchcraft

What are conscientious herbs for witchcraft? Do you want environmentally friendly organic sources? Do you consider ecological impact? Being spiritually aware you are also Earth aware. You do your part to take care of this pale blue dot we call home. The environment and ecology are important to us.

I liked asking shop owners if I could use their herbs medicinally or for sacred beverages.  Most replied, “Um, maybe, I don’t know, I probably wouldn’t.”

Our reply: YES you can use our herbs medicinally, WE DO!

Search “witch herbs” and most sites ONLY lists a common name and price. Some list the size of the packaging and a few properties. None of the top sites we looked at provided the specific epithet or he botanical name. None of them list where the herb originated, how it was harvested or cultivated. Herbs in local shops were missing the same information. 

Conscientious Herbs for Witchcraft

You’ve heard the saying “Garbage in, Garbage Out.” Magick works the same way. You start by performing a ritual to return enchantment. Then you burn herbs related to health and healing. What if those herbs were over harvested? What chemicals were used to produce them? So, if the herbs you use damaged the Earth, are they best suited to re-enchant the Earth?

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Quality Herbs

We don’t buy the cheapest herbs. We buy the best quality herbs at the best price. Our herbs are sourced from 5 suppliers. The suppliers tell us how the herb was cultivated, harvested and where it came from. Three of our suppliers grow their own herbs naturally or organically. One of those three is an actual working farm. If we call any of our suppliers they can tell us the name of the farmer or cooperative they source from.

Consistent Quantity

It’s maddening to go into a shop and the herbs for witchcraft are packed in the same size bag but some you can tell have more and some less. From one store, we purchased 4 packs of the same herb that did not indicate a weight.  When we got home, we weighed each packet and none of the packets were the same weight. They were 4 – 11 grams different! 

We tell you how much the net weight of the herb is and we weigh each package.  That’s why we use grams and not ounces. We use a “For Trade” scale that is accurate to within 500 miligrams.

Properties for Witchcraft

When using herbs for witchcraft you need to know what their associations and properties are. We use multiple resources to compile the associations, metaphysical properties and associated deities of each herb.  Some of the information may seem contradictory.  We include it all.  Why?  Plants have personality just like people.  Different cultures around the world use the same herb for similar and different purposes.  Does that mean one is right and one is wrong?  No, they are all correct in their time, place, and culture. 

Accurate Naming

You’re looking for mandrake, that age old witchy root.  You find it in a shop (as we have) but is it mandrake?  You ask the shop owner who says “The label says its mandrake.”  If you change the label of poison to say bourbon, does that make it bourbon?  Did you know there is an American Mandrake?  Well, that’s one of its common names, the other is mayapple.  Real mandrake is Mandragora officinarum and mayapple is Podophyllum peltatum These two plants are not even in the same genus.

Next, let’s look at lavender.  The lavender of old, or English lavender is Lavandula angustifolia.  There is a newer, cheaper lavender (called lavender or lavandin) that is a hybrid. It produces more flowers and oil. Its specific epithet is Lavandula x intermedia.  Cheaper? Yes.  True lavender? Not as you know it. We’ve sold both and distilled both. Based on that we are sticking to Lavandula angustifolia and it’s going to cost a bit more.


We’ve spent months sourcing our herbs from the best suppliers. We ensure that you get the same amount you ordered. We’ve spent countless hours compiling the medicinal and metaphysical properties of the herbs. We label our herbs with the common name and specific epithet so you know exactly what herb you’re buying. Why buy herbs from Hermits’ Cupboard? You’re going to get quality, consistent quantity, more information and the exact herb every time.

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Rev. Lloyd

Rev. Lloyd, along with his husband Joe, owns and operates Hermits' Cupboard. He holds a Masters of Divinity, Bachelors of Metaphysical Science and is a Journeyman Herbalist having studied under the late Master Herbalist Rev. Paul Beyerl. He practices a solitary Druid-Craft based on his Scots-Irish heritage. Rev. Lloyd is actively working on his PhD. which addresses meeting the spiritual and social needs of restored Pagan's who are reentering society after incarceration.

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