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Healing Ancestral Karma

Samhain 2019 – Ancestors

               Our theme for this Samhain this year is ancestors.  They are called by many names; ancestors, mighty dead, those gone before, and ancient ones to name but a few.  Who are they?  What message do they have for us today?  Are you inheriting their messes or their blessings?   
               We have many books and divination tools to help you find the answers to these question.  May we suggest: Communing with the Ancestors (Raven Grimassi), Honoring Your Ancestors (Mallorie Vaudoise), and Healing Ancestral Karma (Dr. Steven Farmer).  You will also find a variety of tarot decks that can aid in your communication. 
               You can purchase these resources and more in our store today.  Thank you for choosing Hermits’ Cupboard, we’re here to help you on your spiritual journey.

Rev. Lloyd

Rev. Lloyd, along with his husband Joe, owns and operates Hermits' Cupboard. He holds a Masters of Divinity, Bachelors of Metaphysical Science and is a Journeyman Herbalist having studied under the late Master Herbalist Rev. Paul Beyerl. He practices a solitary Druid-Craft based on his Scots-Irish heritage. Rev. Lloyd is actively working on his PhD. which addresses meeting the spiritual and social needs of restored Pagan's who are reentering society after incarceration.

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