Celtic Queen Maeve and Addiction: An Archetypal Perspective by Sylvia Brinton Perera



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Celtic Queen Maeve Back Cover:

For people who have had to do battle with their own addictions or with those of their loved ones or clients, Celtic Queen Maeve and Addiction offers the promise of understanding how that battle is suffered, fought, and won.

Drawing on twenty-six years of experience as a Jungian analyst, supervisor, teacher and writer, Sylvia Brinton Perera shows us how the stories and images of ancient mythology illuminate the depths of the psyche. Maeve, whose name means “the inebriating one,” represents the profoundly human and archetypal need for experiences of ecstasy and sovereignty. Initiations involving her drink were sacred in Celtic Society.

Unlike the ancient Celts, we rarely experience a sense of sacred, ecstatic participation in the larger matrix that Maeve symbolizes. Through the ages, images of the goddess-queen have come down to us in fragmented and diminished forms. We have also unconsciously torn parts of her rites out of their sacred context. We thus often find ourselves askew and addicted.

Sylvia Brinton Perera retrieves the pattern of Maeve’s wholeness, to understand better what we need for healing our addictive behaviors. When in the grip of addiction, we meet the great Irish goddess in the guise of the inebriating one, the loathsome hag, the devouring maw, and the starving Sheela-na-gig. But Maeve is also a battling goddess, the maternal queen, and the land itself, and represents the principle of process, the sacred vessel, and the mother of early infancy who mirrors, holds, and contains our raw, unmediated desires.

Written with passion and clarity, Celtic Queen Maeve and Addiction invites us to comprehend the wildness of the Celtic imagination and the watery depths of the psyche with a psychoanalyst who has companioned many souls suffering the dislocations and additions of modern life.

Celtic Queen Maeve and Addiction by Brinton Perera table of contents:


The Goddess Maeve
Inebriation as Initiation
Maeve as Toxin
Processual and Fragmenting Maeve

Towards Healing
The Battling Goddess
Maternal Queen
Maeve as the Principal of Progress
The Loathsome Damsel
Maeve as Divine Appetite
Maeve as Meditating Vessel


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