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Book of Comfort Back Cover:

Methods of Comfort
Guided by her own experiences of dealing with chronic depression, Lyn Willmott has written a series of dialogues designed to inspire people who are looking for methods to change their lives. Just the everyday stress of living is causing many people to search for a more positive meaning to their lives, while others are struggling to survive the ravages of mental trauma. With this in mind, Lyn is suggesting we use the powerhouse of our own inner self to bring about the transformation we are seeking, and within these twenty-two dialogues there is a way to do this.

By using the gentle guidance offered in this book- A Small Book of Comfort- it is hoped that people will make contact with the richness of their inner world. Lyn Willmott experiences this on a daily basis, and is hoping that her simple methods, outlined in this small book, will do the same for you. Lyn is both an artist and a teacher with qualifications that have allowed her to reach out to people in many walks of life. She knows from the work she has done that we are all capable of discovering how powerful we really are. We need to experience this in order to know real freedom.

A Small Book of Comfort by Lyn Willmott table of contents:

Reconnecting With Inner Self
We are Limitless
A Message
Recommended Books
About the Author

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