Ceramic Black Chime Candle Holder


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A black chime candle holder can be used for ritual or spell work. Fits chime candles 0.5″ in diameter, thicker chime candles will need shaved down around the base. Note: There is no standard size to chime candles. May be used with the associated properties of black which are:

Planet: Saturn, Moon, Sun

Chakra: Root/base

Magick: Protection, Independence, Mystic Allure

Mood: Authority, Power, Submission to masculine

Emotions: Authority, power, sophistication and elegance, may provoke feeling mysterious, evil, or taboo.


How would you use a black chime candle holder? First, you may want to use a black candle. On the other hand, you may use any color. To demonstrate let’s say you want to do a love spell. You may use a red candle in a red holder. Alternatively, you could use a pink candle in a red holder. In contrast, you may choose a black candle in a red holder to banish and transform bad energy into love. The combinations are endless and are entirely up to your intent and creativity.

You may choose to anoint your candle with essential oils and roll them in herbs that correspond to your intent. Use the product tags above or search on specific intents.

Height – 1.25″
Width – 1.2″

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Weight2 oz
Dimensions1.2 × 1.2 × 1.25 in

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