The Halloween Tarot Deck & Book Set


By: Kipling West

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The Halloween Tarot Deck Book Set by Kipling West includes a 78 card deck and Book. The manufacturer is currently out of stock. We’ll get it back as soon as it’s available. The Halloween Tarot Deck is in stock.

A black cat with glowing eyes leads you on our nocturnal sojourn through the 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana characters visit from the realms of horror stories and Halloween tradition.  Frankenstein and his bride ‘bring to life’ the Emperor and the Empress cards.

The Minor Arcana suits are Pumpkins, Imps, Ghosts, and Bats, each with a special significance in The Halloween Tarot Deck Book Set by Kipling West.

“As the suit of the ancient element Earth, the Pumpkins describe all things that are physical and tangible, real and solid — things you can taste and smell, and of course, count. The Ghost cards are haunted by the ancient element of Water, the symbol of the fluidity of the subconscious mind, dreams, instincts, and emotions. The Bats comprise the ‘thinking suit,’ reflecting a bat version of the intellect — the uncannily sensitive ‘radar’ of these nocturnal creatures that helps them find food and avoid collisions even on the blackest of Halloween nights. Since the traditional Tarot suit of Wands is linked with the ancient element Fire, the devilish scarlet Imps make a delightful Halloween suit equivalent.”

Includes a 148 page illustrated book that includes; a history of Halloween and explanations of the imagery on the cards and how it is the same or different than the Raider-Wait deck.


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