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How to Cleanse Crystals

I’d like to suggest a few ways on how to cleanse crystals. You should continue reading for more on why crystals need cleansed and when they need cleansing.

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Cleanse Crystals with Water

Cleanse crystals in a running natural stream, or natural water you have collected. Natural water collection can be from streams or bodies of water you have visited or collections of snow or rainwater. Natural water is significantly better than tap water however, in a pinch, tap water will do fine. CAUTION:  There are some crystals you do not want to get wet as they dissolve or discharge toxins for example selenite and malachite respectively.

Cleanse Crystals with Herbs

Rest your crystals on a bed of herbs with cleansing properties or purification properties. Herbs like Rosemary and Cedar are very good for cleansing crystals. You can also add herbs related to the properties of the crystal for example include Rose Petals for love associations, Lavender for peace, or Mugwort for psychic powers. Leave the crystals in the herb bed overnight, over a few nights, or at specific moon phases. Waning moon cycles are notorious for releasing negative energies. Full Moon’s are used for charging and cleansing.

Cleanse with Water and Herbs

You can use a hydrosol or spray smudge to cleanse crystals. Simply spray the hydrosol over the crystal. It’s like fumigating, saining or smoke cleansing without the smoke.

Cleanse Crystals with Smoke Cleansing

Cleansing with smoke (aka fumigation aka saining aka smudging) is another way to cleanse crystals. Using an incense burner and herbs waft the smoke of a cleansing blend like Cedar and Frankincense or Rosemary and Dragon’s Blood.

Cleanse Crystals with the Sun and Moon

Leave your crystals out in the sun and moon for one day cycle, you may also choose to leave them out for 3 days. If a crystal has a Sun association leave it out from sunrise to sunset, bring it in at night and set it back out the next sunrise, repeat three times. If a crystal has a Moon association leave it out from moonrise to moonset, bring it in during the day and set it back out the next moonrise, repeat three times.

Cleanse Crystals with Earth

Bury your crystals a few inches into the ground for a solar day or three solar days. You’ll want to be sure the location is not in the shade of the sun or moon. If you live in the north, keep in mind that in the summer the moon is lower on the horizon and in the winter the sun is lower. The process of cleansing in the Earth cleanse by Earth, Sun, and Moon, a trifecta cleansing.

Cleanse Crystals with Sound

Cleanse crystals by ringing a crystal, glass or metal bell around the crystal. You may also use singing bowls as well. You don’t need any sort of special bell. One that sounds pleasant to you will work. If you have a few bells you may want to sense which one (pitch or frequency) the crystal prefers. First, place the crystal on a table or in your hand. Second, sustain the ring while moving the bell in a sunwise rotation around the crystal three times. Next, allow the crystal to rest for a while, then repeat the sound cleaning. Each crystal has its own vibration, oscillation or frequency. You can do more research to discover these. Don’t worry, you won’t pick the wrong bell or do it wrong. In the end it’s like giving a friend a back rub and it will be appreciated.

Cleanse Crystals with Salt

First, get a bowl. Second, pour Himalayan salt into the bowl. Third, place crystals into the salt. Let them sit for three days. This is very similar to the Earth cleansing but without soil, and direct sun rays or moon beams. You could set the bowl in a window for sunlight and moonlight.

Why do your crystals need cleaning?

Even though you purchased your crystals from a spiritual store (most preferably our store) they have been through a lot on their journey. How traumatized would you be if someone took you out of your home of millions of years with a bunch of loud heavy machinery. Next, you get crushed and separated from your whole part or family. Then you are dizzyingly tumbled until you’re smooth, packaged into a bag then a dark box to be shipped around the world for retailers to purchase you. So, be nice to your new crystal, they have had one hell of a journey to get to you. We start the cleaning process here. We welcome the crystals when they arrive, then weight them, make sure they look healthy, put them in a clear plant based bag with a nice soft bed of cleaning herbs.  

So, apply how to cleanse crystals to your crystal before using it. This ensures stagnate energies are removed and prepares it for your own energies.

How often should you cleanse your crystals?

You may choose to cleanse your crystal after you are done using it, especially when drawing out negative energies. You should cleanse then about once a month in general. Respect your crystal by storing it in a place of honor it like an altar, natural wood shelf (especially Cedar) or in a natural fiber bag like linen, cotton or wool.

Crystal, gems and minerals are often millions of years old. They hold a great deal of experience, wisdom and knowledge. Treat them well and they will be a good friend and magickal partner for longer than your lifetime.

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