Triquetra Leather Journal


5×7″ with Latch Closure
100 pages

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Your Triquetra Leather Journal is 5×7-inches with approximately 100 pages. You secure the journal with a metal clasp riveted to the leather cover and closing strap. Pages are 100% tree free organic recycled paper. A cord laces the pages to the spine.

Using leather shows, there was a life sacrificed for this journal to come to be. PLEASE do a work acknowledging and appreciating the sacrifice of this life. You will find it will be very rewarding to the magick you record within its pages.

The triquetra is a symbol that is over 5,000 years ancient. Its origins are still in question. We have found the symbol on Norse standing stones, Germanic coins and Persian ceramics. The most prominent use of the icon is in artifacts of Insular Celts comprising Ireland, Alba or Pictland, Wales and Brittan.

A triquetra’s symbology includes strength, perfect balance, and sacred triplicity. In the Goddess we have Maiden- Mother- Crone. The Celtic God triplicity is Warrior- King- Hermit. The triquetra is a symbol of the Celtic cosmology of Land- The Sea- The Water.

Modern associations of the triquetra include body-mind-spirt, life- death- rebirth, and the three trimesters of pregnancy.

Use your Triquetra Leather Journal as a book of shadows. Keep your notes on herbology. Record your best spells. Preserve your experiences in divination or scrying. Scribe your crystal or herbal formulas, chants and rituals for specific healing.

Some thoughts on Magic Journals:

Mages through the ages have kept journals. We also call a magick journal a grimoire or a book of shadows. The journals contained occult (hidden) knowledge. They learned their foundational knowledge through instruction, but experience defined much of what they contain in these books.

The intent of the Mages was to keep occult wisdom occult. They developed different writing methods to prevent the “unlearned” from discovering these hidden secrets of wisdom.

Alchemists would write their journals using word substitutions or use symbols that meant the word substitutions. Ceremonial magicians used alternative alphabets, or magickal alphabets, such as Theban, Enochian, or Malachim. Other occult ways they used to communicate includes glyphs and sigils.

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