TREE of LIFE- Trunk Tibetan Incense- Body & Soul


30 4-inch sticks
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TREE of LIFE- Trunk Tibetan Incense- Body & Soul

From the box:
Trunk: The trunk is a symbol of strength, a place we can always return and remember what you are made of.

We recommend this incense for yoga, meditation, relaxation and spiritual offering in the morning, day and evening. It is perfectly safe for inhalation and is environment friendly.

This pack contains 30 4-inch sticks and an incense holder. Each stick burns approximately for 55 minutes. Handmade in Nepal. Environmentally friendly. Recyclable package.

Contains: Red Sandalwood & Herbs Mixed

From the manufacturer:
Incense has always held an important place in Tibetan & Nepalese culture. Offered to the divinities, it is continuously used to purify the environment and aid relaxation and meditation. Produced still today exactly according to the ancient recipes of Tibetan lama healers & Ayurvedic kavi Raj.

Tibetan & Nepalese incense is different from others produced in the Orient. Made with precious woods, barks, resins mixed with other natural ingredients founds in the Himalayan region. It is not like other Orient products composed of a mixture of essential oils.

Trunk Tibetan Incense is produced entirely by hand.

Lovely Incense Traders have over 15 years in manufacturing & exporting high quality traditional, typical Tibetan & Nepalese herbal incenses. They are in Kwabahal, Maitripath Kathmandu Nepal. Their products are strictly prepared according to traditional Buddhist herbal formula & Nepali masala method, using medicinal herbs & Precious ingredients founds in highly altitude regions of Tibet and plains of Nepal.

Their incense are widely used by Buddhists & others for meditation, relaxation, yoga, purification & offerings. The combinations of the genuine scented substances include- red & white sandalwood, ghantenkhanpa. Soonpati, Himalayan cedar wood, holy basil, juniper berry, spikenard, clove, nutmeg, saffron, triphala, cardamom etc. Their incense is guaranteed to be free of any toxic & artificial substances, 100% natural & an organic blend.

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