Satya Dragon’s Blood


    15 gm box (approx 12-15 sticks)

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    Satya Dragon’s Blood contains 15 gm or approximately 12-15 incense sticks. Sticks are 8-inches long. You will need an incense stick holder.

    Indulge in the mystical aromas of Dragon’s Blood flora incense. Burning Satya Dragon’s Blood incense sticks aid in banishing evil. Use the incense in Dragon magick or to amplify your magick.

    Dragon’s Blood metaphysical properties:
    Masculine- Fire – Mars – Pluto – Gemini

    Magickal Properties:
    Enhances MagickBanishing evil/negativity – Love – Protection – Dragon Magick


    Imagery evoked: Unleashing the power within
    Description: Protection
    Key Notes: Natural, Grounding
    Use: The Dragon’s Blood incense is known to protect one’s aura and home from any external attack, thus energizing the spiritual consciousness.


    From the packaging:
    Hand rolled in India.
    • No child labor used
    • No animal by-products
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Eco-friendly packaging
    CAUTION: For fragrance purposes only. Keep out of reach of children, pets. Never leave burning incense unattended, and make sure all ashes fall in ashtrays or burners.

    What is Masala incense?
    Masala is a practice used by monks in medieval times. The key incense ingredients are incorporated and massaged into a special container resin which is then hand-rolled into incense.

    Can I use stick incense in magick?
    Yes. You can use stick incense instead of bundles or powered herbs. The one downside is, you don’t know what herbs they combined to create the incense. If you are not a purist, because all plants are aids, then you will have no problem using these in your magick.

    Medical Disclaimer
    **Herbs should not be ingested, applied or inhaled by: those who are pregnant or attempting to
    become pregnant; individuals who are breast feeding; or those age 17 or younger.
    ** Use at your own risk.

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