Paganism in Depth


Foundations, Practices & Challenges; A Polytheist Approach
Author: John Beckett

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Paganism in Depth by John Beckett
Foundations, Practices & Challenges; A Polytheist Approach

Deepen Your Connections to the Gods, Your Ancestors and the World Around You

There are many rewards in taking your spiritual practice deeper, but there are also new challenges to confront along the way. Paganism in Depth is a next-level book to help you ascend to the next steps in your practice and to be prepared for what you might encounter there.

Author John Beckett shares practical ideas for connecting to the spirit reals, forming sustainable communities, and taking on a leadership tole as a medium for the divine. You will also discover experiential details of sustaining relationships with spiritual entities and what to do when a deity makes demands of you. This book shares several keys to help you find your way forward when you feel you’ve gone as far as you can, including:

Daily spiritual practice — ancestor veneration — perceiving the otherworld — spiritual ecstasy — direct experience of the gods — offerings — divination — magical practice — devotional practice

Your relationship with your community and with the gods and spirits is of the utmost importance. John Beckett helps you navigate those relationships so you can give and receive the energy you need on your unique spiritual journey.

Paganism in Depth Contents


Part 1: Foundations
Seeing the Worlds in a Different Way
Pagan Foundations
Polytheist Foundations

Interlude: The Deeper Call
I Like it Here- Why Do I Have to Leave?

Part 2: Practice
Devotional Practice
Magical Practice
Divination and Oracles
Ecstatic Practice

Part 3: Challenges
Overcoming Road Blocks
Living With Gods and Spirits
Building Deep Religious Communities
The Cost of Deep Practice
Pagans Chop Wood and Carry Water Too

Epilogue: An Invitation to a Journey
Bibliography and References

“This book will strengthen your magickal practice and add fire to your spiritual work. Great reading for Druids, Witches, and anyone in the magickal community who lives in a world full of gods.”– Jason Mankey, author of Transformative Witchcraft

About the Author:
John Beckett is a Druid in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin. His blog Under the Ancient Oaks is part of the Pagan Channel of the multifaith website Patheos. John has been writing, speaking teaching, and leading public rituals since 2003. He can be found online at

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