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Solitary Magic Back Cover:

Many students of magic don’t want to be tied to a particular group or tradition, but prefer to search, experiment, and grow on their own. Here, at last, in an eminently sane and readable handbook that gives not only the how, but the why and wherefore, of the materials and methods of the solitary magician. In Practical Solitary Magic, Nancy Watson combines a concise introduction to the psychology and ethics of magic with a thorough treatment of its mechanisms. In a lively style, enhanced by personal anecdote and thoughtful insight, she initiates novices into the rudiments of ritual and guides them in their first steps down the magical path.

Drawing on architectural analogy, Watson demystifies the practice of magic by providing a structural view of magical operations. She explores the techniques and accoutrements of each of the four magical planes, leading readers through the various chambers of a four-tiered edifice, and sweeping away layers of accumulated cobwebs from topics shrouded in esoteric jargon. Oracle divination, numerology, and magical incantation; visualization, clearing, and prayer; archetypes, elementals, and god-forms- all come to life with Watson’s pragmatic analysis. She Closes with a careful warning to her readers to avoid all those who would attempt to “re-mystify” the craft.

Watson’s clear narrative and vivid imagery illuminate all the corners of her magical mansion with the light of common sense and folk history. Not only will you enjoy your guided tour, you’ll be tempted to take up residence there.

Practical Solitary Magic by Nancy Watson table of contents:


PART ONE: The Psychology and Ethics of Magic
Magic and the Mind
Magic and Psychology
How Magic Works
The Importance of Temperament
Magic and Ethics
Magic and Personal Relationships
Ethical Magic

PART TWO: The Architecture of Magic
The Four Planes
The Physical Plane
The Emotional Plane
The Mental Plane
The Spiritual Plane
The Cellar
The Mental Plane
Setting your Goal
Divination, Affirmations, and Incantations
Astrology, Numerology, and Magic
Creating and Using Affirmations
Three Steps to Effective Affirmations
Magical Incantations
Spiritual Plane
Choosing Archetypes
Effective Prayer
Contacting the Archetype Within
Building the Magical Personality
The Emotional Plane
Visualization Techniques
Magical Feeling
Physical Plane
The Four Elements of Nature
The Four Elements of Ritual Magic
The Four Elements in Psychology
The Fire Element
The Air Element
The Water Element
Meeting Your Personal Odine
The Earth Element

PART THREE: The Practice of Magic
Timing and Tides
Using the Solar and Lunar Cycles
Using Power Days
Using Days of the Week
Using Planetary Hours
Exceptions to the Rules
When to expect Magical Results
Why Some Magic Fails
The Four Phases of Ritual
Casting a Magic Circle
Consecrating Magical Tools and Implements
Using Magical Instruments
Prosperity Rite
Continuing Your Studies
High Magic
Finding a Teacher
Finding a Group
Growing into Magic

Appendix A: Temperament Questionnaire
Appendix B: Personal Symbol Exercise
God / Goddess Symbol Exercise

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