Paganism for Prisoners


Connecting to the Magic Within
Author: Awyn Dawn

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Paganism for Prisoners by Awyn Dawn
Connecting to the Magic Within

Find Peace, Clarity, and the Divine on the Inside

While being incarcerated for her struggles with drug addiction, Awyn Dawn began to actively look for her spiritual side- and she found it in Paganism. By developing a profound relationship with the gods, Awyn gained greater clarity and a deep sense of peace. You can too, with help from this empowering guide to starting and strengthening your spiritual practice.

Providing dozens of easy-to-use exercises, Paganism for Prisoners shows you how to embrace Pagan teachings and learn from deities, ancestors, and spirits. Explore the power of meditation, self-reflection, rituals, and devotions. Meet the gods and goddesses of Celtic, Norse, Greek, Roman, and other pantheons. You’ll also discover the power of the elements, the moon, the Wheel of the Year, and your own intuition. With this book, you’ll manifest extraordinary change within yourself.

Paganism for Prisoners Contents

Forward by Christopher Penczak
The Power of Words and the Power of Silence
The Gods and Goddesses
Elements and Elementals
Rituals and Devotions
Wheel of the Year
The Moon
Divination and Your Intuition
Familiars and Animal Magic
Afterlife and Death
Ethics in Magic and Life
Know Thyself
Manifesting Change
Recommended Reading

About the author:
Awyn Dawn is a Pagan high priestess, Department of Corrections volunteer, tarot reader, and energy healer. She holds a BS in Integrative Health Care and wrote Paganism for Prisoners after rediscovering her spirituality in prison.

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