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Odin Back Cover:

Seeking the God with Many Names
Among the most enigmatic and complex characters in Norse mythology, Odin has been called the greatest of the gods. He is the god of words and wisdom, runes and magic; a transformer of consciousness; and a trickster who teaches truth. He is both war god and poetry god, and he is the Lord of Ravens, the All-Father, and the rune master.

Odin: Ecstasy, Runes and Norse Magic is the first book on Odin that is both historically sourced and accessible to a general audience. It explores Odin’s origins; his appearances in sagas, the Poetic Edda, and old magic spells and new entertainments, such as Neil Gaiman’s American Gods; as well as his influence on modern media, such as J.J.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Each chapter features suggestions for rituals, exercises, and music, so readers can comprehend and become closer to this profound and complicated deity.

Diana Paxson, and expert on Viking-era mythology, provides a complete portrait of Odin and draws on both scholarship and experience to provide context, resources and guidance for those who are drawn to work with the Master of Ecstasy today.

Odin by Diana Paxson table of contents:

Interlude: King Gylfi Visits Hall of Har
Will the Real Odin Stand Up, Please?
Interlude: “Wanserer”
The Wanderer
Interlude: The Second Merseberg Charm
Master of Magic
Interlude: “Rune Song”
Rider of the Tree
Interlude: The Building of Bifrost
Interlude: “In Gunnlodh’s Bed”
Desired One
Interlude: “Head-Ransom”
Battle God
Interlude: Bolverk and the Thralls
Interlude: “Wodan’s Hunt”
God of the Dead
Interlude: At Mimir’s Well
God of Ecstasy

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