Baldr’s Magic: The Power of Norse Shamanism and Ecstatic Trance by Nicholas E. Brink, Ph.D.



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Baldr’s Magic Back Cover:

Connecting Norse mythology, ecstatic trance, the Universal Mind, and the dawn of a new age of peace and veneration for Mother Earth, Nicholas Brink reveals how we can use ecstatic and hypnotic trance to learn more directly and deeply from our distant ancestors, rediscover our extrasensory powers, and reclaim the original magical nature of humanity. The imminent rebirth of Baldr, the gentle and compassionate Nordic god of truth, healing and rune work.

Illustrating ecstatic trance postures to connect with the ancient Nordic people and their beliefs, to journey to exact points in time, and to access specific powers, such as seeing into our future, Brink explores humanity’s evolving cycle of consciousness from the era when the Great Mother goddess was the center of life through the transition to the worship of power and physical strength in the Bronze Age and the world of the Vikings. He explores the coming return of Baldr and the imminent new age of peace and respect for the Earth. Through hypnotic divination, the author expands the stories of the early Nordic gods and goddesses from the Prose Edda and the Poetic Edda, in particular the fertility deities of the Anir, such as Freyr, Freyja, and Idunn, who came before the warrior deities of the AEsir, such as Odin, Thor and Loki. He details the epic battle of Ragnarok and the birth, life, death and rebirth of Baldr.

Bring Shows how these ancient stories happen outside of time- in the past, present, and future. Thus Baldr’s return is replayed in our death-rebirth experiences of life, in each dawn, with each spring, and now with the birth of a new age that we see happening all around us. Through the power of trance at this time of rebirth, we move full circle to reclaim the magic of the earliest times, the times of the Garden of Idunn.

Nicholas E. Brink, Ph.D., is a psychologist and a certified teacher of ecstatic trance with the Cuyamungue Institute. Board certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology, he is the author of The Power of Estatic Trance and lives in Coburn, Pennsylvania.

Baldr’s Magic by Nicholas Brink table of contents:

Forward by Reverend James Lawer

Part One- The Universal Mind: Understanding Trance
The Lost Power of the Nordic People
The Powers of Ecstatic and Hypnotic Trance
Nordic Postures

Part Two- The Lives of the Ancient Ones: Using Ecstatic Trance to Access Nordic Ancestors
Communing with Ancestors: An Overview
The Era of the Mother Goddess
The Transition
The Warrior and His Family
Baldr’s Rebirth

Part Three- The Myths and Beliefs of the Ancient Ones: Learning from the Nordic God’s through Hypnotic Trance
The Origins of the Gods
The Lost Eddas of Vanir
The Lay of Freyja’s Audience with Odin
The Lay of Freyja’s Cats
The Lay of the Fish’s Breath
The Lay of the Spittle of a Bird
The Lay of the Roots of a Mountain
The Lay of the Sinew of a Bear
The Lay of the Beard of a Woman
The Origin of the Vanir and Power of Naming
The Attack on the Vanir and the Power of Seidr
The Power of Idunn’s Plants
The Power of Bragi’s Songs
Idunn is Accepted
Kvasir’s Mead
The Lay of Gullveig
Ullr and His Inventions
Odr’s Journey and Freyja’s Pursuit
Calling on Modir
Freyr’s Power of Illusion
Freyr’s Journeys to Jotunheimr
The Power of Shape-Shifting
The Lay of Gefjon ad the Kings of Denmark
The Lay of King Haelfdene
Why Baldr Didn’t Go to Gridbustadr
The Lay of Freyja and Her Doughters
Idunn’s Travels to Midgard
The Goddesses’ Power of Intuition
Ullr’s Travels
In Memory of Modir
Baldr Visits Modir
Baldr Meets Nanna
The Lay of Borr and Modir’s Dream
The Lay of Borr’s Son Odin
Forseti’s Blessings and Loki’s Silence
Forseti’s Justice
The Lay of Sloegr
The Lay of Heimdallr
The Lay of Ullr’s Drawings
Idunn, Freyr, and the Giants
Baldr Grieves Hrungnir’s Death
The Lay of the Giants
The Survival of the Vanir
The Teachings of the Vanir

Glossary of Nordic Terms

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