Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle


By: Siolo Thompson

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The Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle by Siolo Thompson. You will find allies and friends in the spirits of the plants. Forty cards are illustrated with graceful lines and a natural pallet. Beyond the art, you will find connections to the spirits of the plants. Next, learn their stories with insights gleaned from traditional herb lore. The Oracle will provide guidance and perspective. This comes from the thin places between your world and the plant world. Eventually your natural intuition with awaken. You will draw inspiration from healers and helpers who work in the mysterious realms of wilderness and spirit.

In fact, use the cards as an oracle for answers. Likewise, the cards can be used in meditation for finding answers within. Both ways help you utilize your intuition. While plants and your worlds may be different, you both share Middle Earth. Both connect to the higher planes. What a wonderful journey to take with plant friends.

The Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle by Siolo Thompson includes 40 oracle cards and a 192-page color instruction book.

From the book cover:
Discover how to draw wisdom from the mystical realms of plant and spirit. The book shows how to use the Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle, a lovely deck created with artist Siolo Thompson’s unique sense of gentle beauty. Including the names, oracle properties, and symbolic meanings of the featured plants, The Hedgewitch’s Field Guide is an essential resource for working with these powerful cards. Whether you’re seeking a focal point for meditation or answers to specific questions, this guide will help you utilize your intuition as you explore the boundary lands between this world and the ethereal plane.


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