Black Cats Tarot Deck


By: Maria Kurarai

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The Black Cats Tarot Deck by Maria Kurarai celebrates and honors the beauty and magick of black cats. Thus the artwork cleverly incorporates feline characteristics purrrrrfectly. Further, the legends of this mystic creature is blended in. This results in a fanciful deck that captures these creatures moving between worlds. For example the worlds of reality and fantasy or the mundane and mystical. as well. Disarmingly cute yet unmistakably wise, the black cats encourage you to explore your own animal nature.

This deck fits well in our wood boxes for storage. Check out our two sided altar cloths, they’re purrr-fect for placing your spread on.

The Black Cats Tarot Deck by Maria Kurarai is based on the Rider-Waite tarot archetypes. As a result the deck readings will be familiar to the beginner and the tenured tarot reader.

Why a cat deck? Let’s consider examples of cat associated deity. First, there’s the Egyptian Goddess Bastet; a Goddess of warfare. Then there’s Freyja, the Norse Goddess of love, fertility, war, wealth, divination and magic, who rode in a chariot pulled by two giant gray cats given to her by Thor. Next, the Mayan Jaguar God of the underworld. Additionally, the goddess Hecate assumed the form of a cat to escape the monster Typhon. Finally, what story of witches is complete without some shape shifting, frequently into cats.


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