Wood Incense Box Holder


    Length- 12″
    Width- 2.25″
    Height- 2.5″

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    This Wood Incense Box Holder is a holder, cone incense burner, stick incense burner and coreless burner for dhoop, senko and simpoi stick incense. Made of wood with a celestial themed brass inlay of sun, moon and stars. Incense not included. Incense in the photo is a display example.

    The box opens, revealing a storage area for your incense. Close the box and the hinged top opens to reveal a place to burn two cone incenses. Close the top and there are two holes for stick incense. A grate allows the ashes to fall through for later clean-up.

    Use your Wood Incense Box Holder on your altar, or in your sacred space. Incense, as a symbol of the air element, connects above and below. This celestial theme of sun, moon and stars can aid in drawing down celestial energies.

    You can cleans a space with stick incense. This process is called fumigation, saining, or smudging. To do this, burn sticks until you see the smoke resting or moving about in the room. For best results, use your hand, large feather, or hand-held fan to waft the smoke about the space. You may use paper or fabric fan.


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