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Use your White Feather as a magick quill or to move smoke about a room for cleansing. A symbol of air when used on an altar. White represents spirit or clarity.

Many cultures venerated and celebrated the bird. We can find it carved on Mayan and Aztec monuments and artifacts. Birds appear in glyphs from Egyptian hieroglyphs, Scottish standing stones, and the Nazca lines of Peru.

Birds are not bound to land or water. They soar through and towards the heavens. They are spirit messengers between the Gods and Earth. Native cultures from Indo-European to Turtle Island believed the soul could appear as a bird.

Place the feather on your altar to represent the Air Elemental. Hold the feather in your hand as you call or acknowledge the Air spirits or elements.

Add a feather to a spell box or mojo bag to represent spirit or air. Use a feather in a spell to transcend a condition or elevate vibrations.

To use your White feather as a quill, cut the spine at a steep angle. Remove the inner membrane. We may find more details on this site: https://regia.org/research/church/quill2.htm (this is not an endorsement)

Combine and bind feathers to make a fan. Use the fan to move sacred smoke about a room.

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