Valerian root


Valeriana off.

Origin: Organic US


Discover the magickal & metaphysical properties of Valerian Root.


Feminine – Water – Venus – Mercury – Virgo – Aquarius

Magickal Properties:

Love – Protection – Purification – Sleep

Read our article on Valerian Root Magickal Properties. Don’t forget to add it to your cart though. Here are just a few ideas for using valerian. You don’t have to stick to these. Use these suggestions to craft your own uses. The only way to truly learn about herbs is to work with them and build a relationship with the herb and its Spirit.

-The root is ground and added to protection sachets.

-Spread the herb around a ritual space to cleanse and purify the space.

-Add the herb to a love sachet.

-Steep some valerian in the ritual cup when doing work when the Moon is in Virgo or Aquarius.


Packaged in our 100% compostable packaging. Read more about our herb packaging.

Medical Disclaimer

**Herbs should not be ingested, applied or inhaled by: those who are pregnant or attempting to

become pregnant; individuals who are breast feeding; or those age 17 or younger.

** Use at your own risk.

** Metaphysical properties and/or outcomes are not guaranteed.


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14g (0.5 oz.), 28g (1 oz.)


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