Triquetra Witchcraft Bell


    Silver Plate
    3″ Tall
    1.75″ Wide

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    The bell is an ancient instrument of sacred power. Add the Triquetra Witchcraft Bell to your altar. This silver tone bell is 3 inches high with a 2.5-inch mouth.

    A bell is used to summon the element air. The shrill sound of a Triquetra bell can dispel negative entities and energies. A bell can run off some fairies, so be mindful when you use it.

    We ring bells to separate time, as in the hourly bell toll. Some spiritual practices ring bells to signify the start of sacred time before ritual or a service. Bells ring out in celebration and toll in remembrance.

    The vibrational energy of your Triquetra Witchcraft Bell cleanses space. A ringing bell can substitute for smoke cleansing. It may calm the psyche in steady rings. A frantically rung bell raises energy or excites madness.

    In the ages when gender was stressfully binary, the bell symbolized the combined feminine (the bell) and masculine (clapper) powers present in all things. Today you may consider the symbology of everything being dual gendered. On the other hand, it doesn’t need to be gendered; it is objectively a bell.

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    Dimensions3.5 × 1.75 × 1.75 in

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