The Satyr’s Kiss


Queer Men, Sex Magic & Modern Witchcraft
Author: Storm Faerywolf

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The Satyr’s Kiss by Storm Faerywolf
Queer Men, Sex Magic & Modern Witchcraft

Spells, Rituals, and Exercises that Celebrate Queer Sexuality and Identity

Satisfy the passion in your soul with a queer-centered exploration of magical philosophy, history, rites of passage, and sex magic. This practical guide empowers everyone who identifies as male to take his rightful place at the center of his own universe, honoring the unique qualities that set him apart from the mainstream. Emphasizing the importance of sexuality in Witchcraft, this book features a variety of methods for celebrating sex in a magical way.

Sharing an abundance of spells and rituals, Storm Faerywolf helps you to improve everything from communication and confidence to romance and sexual protection. This book also provides exercises related to initiation, gender polarity, sex with spirits, celebrating pride, and more. The Satyr’s Kiss shows you what it means to live fully in your unique, queer, and magical spirit.

The Satyr’s Kiss Contents

List of Exercises
List of Rituals
List of Spells
Forward by Christopher Penczak
Introduction: On being a queer warlock in a straight witch’s world

Part One Philosophy
The Queer Craft
The Symbols We Share
Mythically Queer
Queer Myth in the Present Day
The Rainbow Dead
The Queer Sabbat
A Queer Sex Magic Primer

Part Two Praxis
A Queer Sex Magic Practicum
Foundational Rites
Rites of Passage
A Queering of Spells

Conclusion: Divining the Future

“Faerywolf has blazed a new trail for exploring the Craft that speaks directly to the queer male experience in a refreshingly inclusive way.”- Tomás Prower, author of Queer Magic

About the Author:
Storm Faerywolf is an author, teacher, poet, and professional warlock. He is a regular contributor to and is a founding teacher of Black Rose, an online school of modern folkloric witchcraft. He has written several books, including Betwixt & Between and Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft. Visit him at

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