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    The Small Abalone Shell is 3-4-inches in length.

    The shell was the home of an Abalone, a gastropod marine snail. A snail person’s life was taken so their home could be used by you. PLEASE take time to honor and thank the spirit of the snail for the sacrifice it made. Abalone is a delicacy in many countries. We hope the snail person was a nutrient gift in the cycle of life.

    The snail makes a single “ear” shell with respiratory holes along the edge. It takes about 12 years for an Abalone to produce a 7-inch shell. The polished interior of the shell is called mother-of-pearl.

    The metaphysical properties of Mother of Pearl:
    Feminine – Water – Venus – Cancer

    Psychic Awareness – Prosperity – Relaxation – Love

    Small Abalone Shell Uses
    • Catch ash from herb bundles used for smoke cleansing (don’t forget a feather)
    • May be used as an offering bowl for solid items
    • Hold items that are being blessed with specific intent, like love or prosperity spells
    • Place the shell on an altar to represent the Element Water
    • Consider using your shell for scrying

    We purchase our shells from a reputable supplier but can not trace the origin of the shell.

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    Dimensions4.25 × 3.25 × 1.25 in

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