Olive Wood Mortar & Pestle 6″ flat rim


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This hand carved olive wood mortar and pestle is functional and beautiful.  Your mortar and pestle is sturdy for regular use.  Use it to grind herbs, roots and resins.  Olive wood is twice as hard as white oak and even harder than purpleheart wood.  Each mortar and pestle has its own character of color and wood grain.  The image presented is a sample and not the specific one that will be sent.  Your mortar and pestle has been sealed with olive oil so it is food safe.  Care is simple, if the wood appears a little dry: apply olive oil, let sit for an hour, then wipe off the excess.  Some mortars and pestles may have slight splits that follow the grain or wood putty that fills in inclusions.  Your pestle will be fine, we were worried ourselves so we tried to split one using a variety of methods and never succeeded.  (Though we are not encouraging you to try to break your tools.)

Mortar Exterior Dimensions: (minimum)
Width: 6″
Height: 3.25″

Mortar Interior Dimensions: (minimum)
Width: 3.6″
Depth: 2.6″

Pestle Dimensions: (minimum)
Length: 6.25

Olive wood
Associations: Masculine – Feminine – Air – Autumnal Equinox
Properties: Beauty – Energy – Peace
Deity: Athena – Irena

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Weight39 oz
Dimensions3.4 × 6.4 × 6.4 in


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