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Mythology Back Cover:

Rooted in an oral tradition, fantastic sagas of Norse mythology found their way into print seven centuries ago, in documents known as the Eddas. This book presents 17 of the most popular tales, from the creation of the world to the death of the gods and the world’s destruction.

Masterfully retold, the legends include Odin’s trip to mimer in search of knowledge, the making of Thor’s hammer, the loss of Idunn’s wonderous apples, and the task of securing the dreaded Fenris-wolf with unbreakable silken twine devised from “the sound of a cat’s footsteps, the roots of the mountains, the breath of a fish and the sinew of a bear.” Here, too, are accounts of “The Wooing of Gerd,” “Thor Goes Fishing,” “The Death of Balder,” “How Loke was Punished,” “The twilight of the Gods,” and “The New Earth.”

The immortal tales of the Eddas have inspired such latter-day fantasies as Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Wagner’s Ring Cycle. Readers of today will find this edition of the beloved myths rich in the dramatic artistry and humor that have enchanted listers since the days of the ancient Scandinavian storytellers.

Norse Mythology by Hamilton Wright Mabie table of contents:

The Making of the World
God’s and Men
Odin’s Search for Wisdom
How Odin brought Mead to Asgard
The Wooing of Gerd
The Making of the Hammer
Odin in Geirrod’s Palace
The Apples of Idun
Thor goes a Fishing
How Thor found His Hammer
How Thor Fought the Giant Hrungner
The Binding of the Wolf
Thor’s Wonderful Journey
The Death of Balder
How Loke was Punished
The Twilight of the Gods
The New Earth

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