Grand Tableau Lenormand Oracle Cards


36- 3.5″ x 2.13″ Cards
35-page Multilingual Instruction Booklet

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Grand Tableau Lenormand Oracle Cards
Book written by SallyRose Robinson

A faithful reproduction from the Lo Scarabeo collection, this original Lenormand is perfect to be used with the Grand Tableau spread. The Grand Tableau is a spread that involves all 36 cards of the deck at the same time, and it’s the endgame technique of any Lenormand reader, due to its nature that allows clear answer to many questions within a single reading.

Melle Lenormand is possibly the most famous tarot card reader of all times. She was born in Alençon, France on May 27, 1772 and died on June 25, 1843. She read tarot at court for the French emperor Napoleon and his wife Josephine.

Melle wrote over a dozen books, but they never attributed cards to her creation. Two years after her death, a Madame Breteau, who claimed to be a student of Lenormand, created a 54-card deck. She called her deck Le Grand Jue de Mlle. Lenormand.

In 1845, a 36-card deck was created in Germany and took the deceased Lenormand’s name for its title. It was based on a multi-purpose set of cards for a race game called “Game of Hope”.

Even with this history in mind, many tarot readers will use the Lenormand because of its now noteworthy occult value. The cards offer a direct answer that is much simpler than the esoteric symbolism of tarot.

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