Golden Quartz Pendulum


Crystal: 1.25″
Chain: 6″

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A Golden Quartz Pendulum is a tool for dowsing, divination and communication with non-visible energies and entities. We include a card listing all associations and properties with every pendulum.

How do you use a Golden Quartz Pendulum? With fire, the Sun and the celestial lion as associations this is a powerful tool for male mysteries. Divine masculine would be able to communicate easily. Assists with dowsing other dimensions to identify areas the need healed. Also use for dowsing the sacral and solar plexus chakra’s.

These are just suggestions. In the end, its really up to you. If you feel you have a strong relationship or could build a strong relationship with the crystal then it will work for you in any application. What we offer are only suggestions. Crystals have their own personalities and can not be limited by the labels we or others place on them.


Element(s): Fire

Planet: Sun – Pluto

Zodiac: Leo

Chakra: Sacral – Solar Plexus

Number: 3

Hardness: 7

Properties / Aids With: Multidimensional Healing- Restoring Energetic Wholeness – Optimum Functioning

Toxic: No

Packaged in plant based plastic that is 100% compostable. Read more about our packaging.
Your crystal package includes a small amount of a cleansing herbal blend and a card with the associations and properties you see here.

Photos are are a representation of the pendulums in stock. Every crystal is unique and will vary in color, dimension and texture. The pendulum in the photo are not necessarily the one you will receive.

Medical Disclaimer
**Crystals should not be ingested, applied or inhaled by: those who are pregnant or attempting to
become pregnant; individuals who are breast feeding; or those age 17 or younger.
** Use at your own risk.
** Metaphysical properties and/or outcomes are not guaranteed.

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