Dreamer’s Book of the Dead


By: Moss, Robert

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A guidebook for communicating with the departed and gaining first-hand knowledge of life beyond death, reveals that the easiest way to communicate with the departed is through dreams, offers methods for helpful and timely communication with deceased loved ones, provides powerful Active Dreaming practices from ancient and indigenous cultures for journeying beyond the gates of death for wisdom and healing.  We yearn for contact with departed loved ones.  We miss them, ache for forgiveness or closure, and long for confirmation that there is life beyond physical death.

In The Dreamer s Book of the Dead, Robert Moss explains that we have entirely natural contact with the departed in our dreams, when they come visiting and we may travel into their realms.  As we become “active dreamers, we can heal our relationship with the departed and move beyond the fear of death.  We also can develop the skills to function as soul guides for others, helping the dying to approach the last stage of life with courage and grace, opening gates for their journeys beyond death, and even escorting them to the Other Side.

Drawing on a wealth of personal experience as well as many ancient and indigenous traditions, Moss offers stories to inspire us and guide us. He shares his extraordinary visionary relationship with the poet W. B. Yeats, whose greatest ambition was to create a “Western Book of the Dead”, to feed the soul hunger of our times. Moss teaches us the truth of Chief Seattle’s statement that ” there is no death; we just change worlds.”

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