Doors of Vahalla: An Esoteric Interpretation of Norse Mythology by Vincent Ongkowidjojo



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Vahalla Back Cover:

In Doors of Valhall, the author offers a comprehensive interpretation of Norse mythology based on contemporary esoteric ideas.

From the Authors introduction:
“In Modern days, the Ageless Wisdom was first given out by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and later by different writers such as Dion Fortune, Annie Besant, and Alice Bailey. It makes sense to relate what they have to say about the world of soul to the myth and mystery of Ancient Scandinavia.”

Feya Aswynn on the book:
“This is a book that will shake up the Heathen Community . . . It fills a glaring hole in the Northern Mysteries and this will be most welcomed by those in Heathenry willing to explore the deeper mysteries behind the lore.”

As a long time student of Freya Aswynn, Vincent Ongkowidjojo helps run her School of Runes and Northern Mysteries. Vincent’s vison is rooted in Western and Eastern esoteric philosophies. He earlier published Secrets of Asgard and Runen in de Noordse Traditie.

Doors of Vahalla by Vincent Ongkowidjojo table of contents:

Door 1 The Seven and the Nine
Door 2 ON the Seat of Will
Door 3 An Interpretation of the Vision
Door 4 The Evolution of Consciousness
Door 5 A Being of Two Worlds
Door 6 The Germanic Trinity
Door 7 The Mead of Poetry
Door 8 The Sayings of the Odin
Door 9 Lord of Love and Wisdom
Door 10 The Labours of Thor
Door 11 Gods and Goddesses
Door 12 The Sayings of Loki
Door 13 Beyond the Myths
Afterward by David Parry

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