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These chime candles are 4″ high and 0.5″ in diameter with a gloss finish and deep colors. Note: There is no standard chime candle diameter.

Candles are a source of light, energy, and power. For example, a candle can aid in manifesting an intent. Likewise, a candle can manifest through drawing in and binding. The power of a candle can create and destroy.

Candles may represent intent or meaning based on the color. There are many lists of color associations. For this reason, it’s best to use the color that speaks to you. Don’t concern yourself with being right or wrong. It’s likely your choice matches a list somewhere.


Silver – Moon, Stellar Gateway Chakra, Goddess, Feminine Mysteries, Psychic Work

Gold – Sun, Stellar Gateway Chakra, God, Masculine Mysteries, Happiness, Positive feelings, Spiritual Awakening

Pink – Universal Love, Friendship, Romance, Draws Love

Red – Mars, Root Chakra, Love, Fire element, Energy

Orange – Jupiter, Sacral Chakra, Telluric or deep earth current, Balance, Freedom, Expression

Yellow – Jupiter, Sun, Solar Plexus Chakra, Air element, Imagination, Logic

Green – Mercury, Earth, Heart Chakra, Earth element, Prosperity, Industry, Nature

Light Blue – Venus, Higher Heart & Throat Chakra’s, Tranquility, Loyalty

Indigo Blue – Saturn, Third Eye Chakra, Solar or Cosmic current, Spiritual Vision, Psychic work, Intellect

Lavender – Mercury, Crown Chakra, Tranquility, Serenity, Faery Realm

Violet – Saturn, Crown Chakra, Solar or Cosmic current, Transformation, Deity Connection

White – Venus, Goddess, Spirit element, Peace, Serenity, Cosmic or Eternal Light

Black – Saturn, Base or Root Chakra, Power, Mystery, Shadow, Evil


These are just some recommendations for color meanings of a chime candle. Craft your own candle magick. First, consider intent or emotion. Then decide how the candle color and properties can aid you in your intent. Finally, craft your ritual and welcome the power of candle magick.


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Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Lt. Blue, Indigo, Lavender, Violet, White, Black, Silver, Gold


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