Celtic Mythology: The Nature and Influence of Celtic Myth from Druidism to Arthurian Legend by Ward Rutherford



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Celtic Mythology Back Cover:

From Druids to King Arthur.
With a Forward by John Matthews.

In this lively and absorbing account of the world of Celtic myth and the role it has played in the development of Western culture, Ward Rutherford explores one of the jewels of European cultural heritage. In so doing he demonstrates how deeply Celtic mythology has become embedded in Western consciousness.

With a new forward by John Matthews- historian, folklorist, best-selling author of Prates and winner of the Benjamin Franklin award for The Winter Solstice- this book provides a highly literary and engaging insight into:
• The World of the Celts, including historical overview from their emergence as an identifiable people around 1000 B.C. Also included is an explanation of their social structure.
• The contents of Celtic myths and difference and similarities between their manifestation in Britain and Ireland.
• The topography of the supernatural world of Celtic myth, including discussion of Druidism, Shamanism, and the meaning of Celtic myths.
• The influence of Celtic myth in English literature from Arthurian legend to the Grail legend.

Celtic Mythology by Ward Rutherford table of contents:

List of Illustrations
Pronouncing Glossary of Celtic Names
Forward by John Matthews

PART I: The World of the Celts
– The Influence of Celtic Myth
– The Celts
– The Bards

PART II: The Contents of the Myths
– The Surviving Versions and Their Sources
– The Matter of Ireland
– The Matter of Britain

PART III: The Topography of a Supernatural World
– Druidism
– Neighbors, Forefathers, and Cousins
– Shamanism and the Myths
– What the Myths Tell Us
– Heirs of an ‘Ancient Wisdom?’

PART IV: Myths and the Later History of the Celts
– The Arthurian Cycle
– The Royal Company
– Epilogue: Celtic Myth and Us

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