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10 inch hand dipped 100% pure beeswax taper candle. Handmade in Oregon. 100% cotton wick. Burn time: 9 hours 45 minutes. Pure Beeswax Candles can develop a whitish “bloom” on the surface. This is a natural effect caused by oils in the wax surfacing over time. Gently rub the candles with a soft cloth to remove this bloom and reveal the natural honey color.

Just as you are diligent in your magick works, so too are bees in their work. Who works harder than bees? Okay, maybe ants. Using this candle in ritual combines the bees energies with yours. First, bees communicate well and communication is key when working with magick. All worker bees are female, with that intention it relates well to Goddess. On the other hand, the color is like that of the Sun so it connects with Solar or God deity as well. Second, bees pollinate which means they are a part of the circle of life. They are kind of like plant sex mid-wives. The pollen on stamen (male part) can’t reach the stigma (female part). -go ahead and giggle- Bees are the go between in a plant getting jiggy with itself. In the same way your magick brings forth creativity through intent.

A beeswax taper candle is obviously a very powerful feminine and masculine symbol. Combine this with other Goddess related items. Herbs with masculine properties could also be powerful associations.


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