Triple Moon Metal Incense Stick Holder


    Length- 9″
    Width- 1.25″

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    This Triple Moon Metal Incense Stick Holder has a pentagram on the handle. Made of metal with an antique brass finish. Incense not included. Incense in the photo is a display example.

    Length- 9″
    Width- 1.25″

    It holds your incense in the middle of a pentacle. A pentacle comprises the 5-pointed star, called a pentagram, and a circle. Each arm of the star symbolizes an element: Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Spirt. A circle, the symbol of unity, completeness and eternity, encloses the star. Together the pentagram and circle form the pentacle. Pentagram and pentacle have become synonyms within the spiritual community.

    The triple moon comprises the Waxing Crescent, Full and Waning Crescent moon. It is a symbol of the Goddess in her three forms of Maiden, Mother and Crone.

    Your Metal Incense Stick Holder will add a touch of old-world feel and mystic symbols to your Wicca Altar. Use it in any room to burn incense to change the energies of a space. Incense smoke changes mundane space into something magical.

    You can cleans a space with stick incense. This process is called fumigation, saining, or smudging. To do this, burn sticks until you see the smoke resting or moving about in the room. For best results, use your hand, large feather, or hand-held fan to waft the smoke about the space. You may use paper or fabric fan.

    Clean your incense holder with a damp cloth.

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